“This Time We Didn’t Forget The Gravy”

I’ve been searching for a copy of the 1951 Warner Bros. classic, “Chow Hound“, for years and didn’t even think to check YouTube. Here is one of the darkest endings of any of the Merrie Melodies causing it to be banned from the airwaves due to its “imitable behavior”. It is one of the funniest and most vicious cartoon shorts to ever hit the mainstream. It’s strange how few people have seen it from all the blank stares I get when I quote the last line of the short. Here it is.

Listening to: I Love Rocky Road – “Weird Al” Yankovic

UPDATE: It seems that Warner Bros. has had all their video pulled from YouTube even though it was helping spread the word of their wonderful animated work. John K., creator of Ren & Stimpy, has some advicefor communicating your concern and/or outrage toward the guilty parties for their “lack of vision”. At least I got to see one of my fav cartoons a couple of times before it was torn from my life again.

UPDATE 2: Found it again.

29 thoughts on ““This Time We Didn’t Forget The Gravy”

  1. He’s “Butch”. Get it? He is bulked up to look more manly. That’s right. Wearing a sweater makes you manly. That’s the lesson here. :) I love the gigantic bow on him when he’s “Harold”.

  2. Trevor

    I have searched for this cartoon for years buying endless supplies of Looney Tunes Videos and DVDS as until now I could not recall the name of the cartoon “CHOW HOUND”, hoping that it would have appeared on one of them.

    Whenever you asked the “green” staff at the Warner Bros shops “I’m after the one, you know, where the cat comes in the room and says ‘This time we didn’t forget the gravy'”. They would just stare at you blankly at which point you would realise a whole generation has been denied this classic cartoon because some fool has determined that the material contained within it is “Politically Incorrect”.

    I hear they have edited out the final scene where the cat comes into the room with the dog laying on the vet’s table. What is the bloody point of taking that out. It is the most important and relevant part, not to mention the most hilarious part, to the whole cartoon. The scene with the mouse carrying the captured sabre toothed alley cat has been removed too apparently. What a joke. Are they concerned there will be a mouse uprising if they don’t remove it. Sorry to all those mice out there who may have been offended.

    The story, as with many Looney Tunes cartoons, provide valuable lessons not only to children but to adults too. That is why it “Chow Hound” has to be considered amongst the greatest Looney Tune cartoons ever made, and now we can’t even see it. What a disgrace. Political correctness gone mad as usual.

    I’ve always loved the cartoon because I live by the adage, “Revenge is sweet”.

  3. Trevor, you’re preaching it to a believer. I’ve been looking for it in all the Looney Toons Gold(en) Collections and it hasn’t shown up since.

    I realize that it’s probably the darkest thing Michael Maltese wrote, but I watched it all the time as a kid and I’ve never wanted to fill someone up with gravy until they exploded. In fact, I’m a pretty well-adjusted person — at least, that’s what my mommy says.

    I have no idea whey these parents who grew up with this stuff suddenly don’t want their kids to watch it when they themselves turned out okay.


  4. Trevor

    Howard, Just days after posting my comments I was fortunate enough to find “Chow Hound” on a DVD called “Feed the Kitty” on e-bay in the U.S. It arrived just days later (in Australia) and I am happy to say is an unedited version of the classic.

    I’ve watched it over and over and can safely say it is as funny as I remember.

    Also saw other copies of it on e-bay for sale if you are still searching for it.

    Thanks for getting me the start I needed with the name I didn’t have previously.


  5. Christie

    I have been looking for that exact episode of looney tunes- im from puerto rico, so i saw that in spanish and ive been trying to find it in either language- its a shame they took it away!. now i dont know how would i ever see that episode again!

  6. Jen

    For years and years, I thought that this cartoon was only a figment of my imagination because after seeing it as a kid, it suddenly disappeared. I remember it scaring the crap out of me but never seeming to turn it off when it came on…. and it seemed to be on all the time back then.
    I realized I wasn’t dreaming when it was in the movie “Conspiracy Theory.” I never knew the name though and didn’t know how to find it.
    Thanks for posting this.

  7. maisie

    I’m so excited to see so many people loved this cartoon!

    I’ve been looking for it for years and telling all my friends about it, it’s the only cartoon I remember in perfect detail of all the thousands I must have seen.

    But can’t believe anyone could ban it!


  8. maisie

    Hi Howard, after reading Trevor’s posting from June, I found Looney Tunes FEED THE KITTY with Chow Hound is for sale on Singapore E Bay. Don’t have it yet, but hopefully it’s the one Trevor has seen. THANKS TREVOR!!

  9. Big Boy

    I can’t believe this cartoon was ban. This cartoon was on on the funniest I have ever seen. The Tom & Jerry cartoon, where Tom is singing “Is you my baby” is just as funny & direct. So why ban this cartoon?

  10. Rozlyn

    Does anyone know when exactly it was banned?

    I remember watching this one with my older sisters when I was a kid, and I’m 22 now. So I’m curious as to when it got banned…

    Funny I stumbled upon this though… Just yesterday my sister sent me a text to say, “I made chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and garlic bread… and this time we didn’t forget the gravy”

  11. olaf

    This cartoon is now available on the DVD set ‘Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 6’. It’s not available on the cheaper ‘Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection, Vol. 6’, but why would you want to miss out on other cartoons not on it?

  12. olaf

    I imagine it was banned because the dog, dressed up as a moustached expeditioner, is returning the ‘saber-toothed alley cattus’ using the mouse, who is dressed up as an aboriginal (?) character complete with spear and a nose ring.

  13. Always a kid

    Oh, My brother and I talked about this for the past 20 years and noone else in the world seemed to know what we were talking about! At Easter dinner tonight we talked about it with our younger brother who never saw it and I swore I would find it online tonight! Thank you so much for letting me know about this cartoon. As a child growing up in the 70’s we loved this cartoon and never saw the dangers in being a kid quoting “AND THIS TIME I DIDN’T FORGET THE GRAVY!”

  14. Keza

    I drove my mother mad as a kid every dinner time saying “what no gravy” due to this cartoon, I loved it, and it is probably the cartoon I remember most from my childhood other than “The three little bops” which again had a memorable tag line, You gotta get hot to play real cool”

  15. Tonya Pitt

    I saw this episode years ago! I loved it! I talk about old episodes with my 20 year old daughter and my 57 year old mom! I wish they could see this one,then they could get in on the laugh!

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