And I Will Always Make Fun Of Costner Films

The Guardian. Gripping action-drama or horrible remake sans hit soundtrack album? While getting the DVD ready for its release tomorrow at the video store, I was reminded of what I thought when I saw the trailer:

I half expected some tender moment between the two leads to be underscored with Christina Aguilera’s version of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”. It’s The Bodyguard with hot military uniforms.

And playing the role made famous by Whitney Houston — Ashton Kutcher.

I haven’t seen The Guardian, but I imagine it’s as annoying as this:

(I must admit I stole the idea for the above annoyance from the guys at Oddville; however, I had to recreate it myself and I added some other things to make it extra annoying. You know, because nothing is too good for you — my readers.)

Listening to: Fucking Boyfriend – The Bird And The Bee
The Bird and the Bee - Again and Again and Again and Again EP - F-cking Boyfriend

11 thoughts on “And I Will Always Make Fun Of Costner Films

  1. I accidentally erased the folder with my template in it and had to wait until I could get the backup copy here at work. I’m actually glad it happened since not only am I using WP 2.1 for the blog now, it seems that the clean install got rid of whatever was causing the audio plug-in to not work!

    Now you can listen to the “Whitney Alarm” in a more robust audio player. :)

  2. Leslie

    Honestly I don’t think that most (MOST, with exceptions) Kevin Costner films are *that* bad. He’s sort of become the cliche for bad movies, but even big stars put out out worse crap than “For the Love of the Game” every wednesday or friday. Plus its hard for me to really hate him when he did Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams, and Thirteen Days.
    But the Guardian looks like it sucks.

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