Blogcast: Bella Sara

Here is my Bella Sara post turned into a fun audio post — if you consider satire fun. I knew you would. Enjoy!

Blogcast: Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards

3:32 / 3.3MB

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Listening to: “Monkey House” – T’Pau
T'Pau - T'Pau - Monkey House

10 thoughts on “Blogcast: Bella Sara

  1. Oh, good! Someone listened to it! :)

    Yeah, it’s a pretty funny product, but then so are all the other ‘trading’ card games. Trading? I ain’t trading my cards. They are mine! :)

  2. I tied for a couple of days to listen – but the gosh diddly darn dial-up wasnt cooperatin’. (sorry for the harsh language, neighbor).

    I got to admit, I had a good healthy chuckle out of that one. Bravo!

  3. So you made your entry into an audio blog. Yay! Amazing what you can do with all the editing, you’re such a professional! You rock Howard! And y’know I was gonna post a comment here yesterday and attach it with a YouTube video on a horse ‘ejaculating’, but I refrained. Yeah, take THAT Bella Sera!!

    See, I can be a good boy if I want to! :-) Always good coming to see you Howard!! And that’s no joke!

  4. Daveman:
    Damn, dial-up and its slown… WTF? Who has dial-up anymore?

    It’s my typical bad mom voice. She lives in Boca and drinks and smokes a lot.

    Yeah, I’ve done it a few times now. It’s fun! In fact, I’ve performed this one and the Captain & Tennille audio post in front of live audiences.

  5. Good morning Howard. While I was showering this morning, I was thinking about what I commented here yesterday[see above]. I feel kinda bad cuz I sounded so pervy. I’ll be more careful with my words next time. I can be so crass!

    Sow-wee honey. :-(

  6. Robert:
    Please don’t apologize for anything. I thought it was funny.

    That’s really good to hear actually. I had a career in radio for a while and was always known for my audio production (read: mad mixing) skills. You should check out the others in the podcast category. :)

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