Mastubation Mix – Update

I was reminded of this mix I did before the blog started by Andy in his answer to my question of where did the bop come from. His answer was Cyndi Lauper and then speculated that “She Bop” was about masturbation. Well, it is. In fact, I put together some other songs and came up with…

Here it is! The redone Masturbation mix with “I Touch Myself” back in. I guess I did this before as Larry (of Monkey’s Uncle fame) told me he had a copy with the song in it. Oh, well — here is v1.2. It was a lot of fun to put it back together and throw some fun stuff in.

Here’s the really fun thing: I did a little research on the songs and updated the playlist with thoughts, fact and example of lyrics from each song that reference masturbation. That’s right, you get to learn whilst having fun!

The Master Baiter (Scott-O-Rama Remix) Mix

You can get the song list here with commentary of each track.

Want it for keeps? (Right click to download

Enjoy! And make sure you play it loudly at work. Trust me, no one will even notice.

Listening to: “Under Ice” – Kate Bush
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love - Under Ice

7 thoughts on “Mastubation Mix – Update

  1. I *love* She-Bop! I have memories of discussing whether or not this song was about masturbation while at a water park with all my half naked friends. Ahhh… high school. What a mixed-up time.

    I can’t believe you forgot “I Touch Myself” by The Devinyls (?).

  2. Scott:
    Good to ‘see’ you! Yeah, I can’t remember why I left that off. I think I really did just forgot about it. The mix was done three or four years ago and I seem to remember that I completely forgot until after the mix was done and the software I was using made it hard to insert a song in the middle of the mix, so I just left it off.

    “big hands I know you’re the one” & “I stain my sheets” are the lyrics that have caused people to think it’s about self-love.

  3. Oh, just you wait. I’m having fun putting it back together so I can put one song in that I forgot AND no crusty towels and tissues a day later.

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