WebPentionary: Efficious


1. The state of being aggressively productive.
2. Effectively mean; bitchy beyond reproach; cuntlike

-Origin: 2007; Efficient + Vicious

-Example: Ann Coulter is quite efficious in her attacks on John Edwards.

-Related forms
efficity, noun

Listening to: “Original Sin” – INXS
INXS - The Best of INXS - Original Sin

3 thoughts on “WebPentionary: Efficious

  1. Howard, you’re the featured blog at humor-blogs.com this week. Well, for the last half of this week and the first half of next week. I use an old druidic calendar.

  2. Diesel:
    Cheers! Thanks a lot. As for the calendar. Eh, as long people are talking about me, I don’t care about what or when.

    Oh yeah. Not so far apart indeed.

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