Music To Drink Blood By

One of these days I’m going to make of mix of songs that prove you can write music about anything. In the meantime, sink your fangs into this mix about vampires. I was listening to Tonio K’s first album when I realized that “How Come I Can’t See You In My Mirror?” was about him dating a vampire.

Since it’s the season, I took to creating an entire collection of songs about the blood-sucking undead. Thanks to Matt2, Larry, Dan and Andy for helping me round out the collection and to Scott for coming up with the title of the mix.

Don’t forget about last year’s Halloween Atmosphere Mix to play on Halloween night to creep out the trick-or-treaters.

Music To Drink Blood By (A Fang* Of Vampires Mix)


You can get the track list here.

*Term borrowed from Diesel — page 147 of Antisocial Commentary: From The Secret Files Of The Mattress Police

Monkey’s Uncle show tonight at 7:30!

Listening to: “The Sleepwalker” – The Foreign Films
The Foreign Films - Distant Star (Double Album) - The Sleepwalker

12 thoughts on “Music To Drink Blood By

  1. Sweet, I got a footnote! There’s a first for everything. I only recently realized that Possum Kingdom was about vampires. I still don’t understand the title though.

  2. Diesel: I try to mix things up.

    Mr. Fab: How could you NOT have a vampire mix without it?

    Jason: You’re welcome!

    Spencer: It’s all okay. You’re all married and stuff now. I have no idea why that would make a difference, but it’s as good as any excuse. :)

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