Lessons In Colorado: Shape

ColoradoCan you guess what the image is to the left?

Wrong! It’s not Colorado. It is:

…the geoellipsoidal rectangle that stretches from 37°N to 41°N latitude and from 102°03’W to 109°03’W longitude…

Geoellipsoidal? Geoellipsoidal? No where in my brain does this word register. Since I don’t understand it, I shall laugh at it. And I did. Quite hardily. This hilarious description of Colorado is within the Wikipedia listing for the state and you would be correct in presuming that “geoellipsoidal” is a word that doesn’t exist… until now. Really. I did an exhaustive look for it and when I got to the second Google page of sites quoting the Wikipedia article, I gave up.

Oh, the word sounds fancy enough and at first thought sounds cool enough to actually work. At second thought, it doesn’t, but then as you take in the big picture, it does. Technically. But by then you’re so bored thinking so deeply you’d rather watch Whitney be the first “plus size” model to win “America’s Next Top Model” again. OMG! Can you believe it? So cool! She’s so pretty. I wish she was my sister.

geo-: geography


-ellipsoid: a surface all plane sections of which are ellipses or circles

This is where your inner sophomore cheerleader should be saying, “Uh, nooooo. Colorado is a rectangle. Duh. A quadrilateral. Dur-hoy. Take a geology lesson, dufus.”

“Actually,” your inner geography teacher says, “Earth is spherical and basically made up of many ellipsoidal planes on which Colorado rests making the quadrilateral bend along the z-axis giving it a third dimension, so the term ‘geoellipsoidal’ works in this instance. You see, if we apply the Cartesian coordinate system to our map of Colora…”

“Oh, my gawd, look! It’s Whitney!”

Listening to: “Candida” – Tony Orlando & Dawn
Tony Orlando & Dawn - Platinum & Gold Collection: Tony Orlando & Dawn - Candida

19 thoughts on “Lessons In Colorado: Shape

  1. You’re still thinking too much. Now go find the most difficult word ever. It’s more than likely to be some rare malady. Chemicals and Latin taxonomic classifications don’t count!

    Taxonomy… That’s a word I’ve always found makes me sit up, take notice, and wonder about… for a few minutes sometimes even… :-))))

    Andy’s last blog post.. Debunking the myth of forward-looking carnivores

  2. Geoellipsoidal!!!! That is a great 75cent word!!! Indiana is just “bounded on the north by Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan; on the east by Ohio; on the south by Kentucky, with which it shares the Ohio River as a border; and on the west by Illinois. Indiana is one of the Great Lakes states.”


    DaDuck’s last blog post.. Letting Go

  3. Andy: That is America’s next top model that you are dissing, mister. Shame on you!

    Duck: Indiana is kinky.

    Mr. Fab: It only means something if you grudge fucked her.

  4. Leslie

    Can I answer Dan’s question?

    Dan: this blog is just another way for Howard to talk about his not-so-secret recent addiction to America’s Top Model without gushing overtly. This is the THIRD reference I’ve heard him make to that show this week (#1 being at the show Monday, #2 in a google chat convo with him today, and #3 this post)

    Jeeeez Howard, just audition already.

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