And Now My Shallow Political Side

Daily Kos recently posted an entry about how candidates need to have professional-looking photographs on their campaign sites which aren’t just candid shots their grandmothers took at a family picnic. On this post, they showed several good examples of great shots including this one:

Political Hotness!

My reaction? “Humina-humina-humina-humina. Who dat?!” Turns out (thanks to the photo file being labeled with his last name) it’s Scott Kleeb, Democratic nominee for Nebraska’s open Senate seat. And he’s not just some political knob either. He’s a rancher and a professor. I mean, can he be any more of a well-rounded Nebraskan political nominee? He’s blue and white-collar all wrapped into one. Plus he even uses the term “green collar” on his site when talking about his energy reform beliefs. He’s all about dropping phly catch phrases like a well-seasoned rapper.

Check out his Flickr photo stream for more beauty… uh, shots of his hard working campaign efforts. Be warned, they include pictures of his lovely wife and two beautiful children (sorry, single gals and guys). Look for the one with him and his new-born, Maya — THAT picture will garner votes with its awesome ‘ahh’-inducing cuteness.

Yes, I know I can’t vote for him — which I totally would and not just the shallow reasons but totally for where he stands on issues as well — however, I can offer a sure-fire campaign slogan that will nearly guarantee him the office come November. If the Kleeb campaign will so indulge me:

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15 thoughts on “And Now My Shallow Political Side

  1. Leslie

    He looks exactly like my first cousin…so although he is indeed hot, any attraction I would have is killed by the creepy.
    But what the hell– since you can’t trust any politician you might as well get something out of it, even if it is shallow.

  2. Howard, thanks for the hard-hitting investigative journalism. From here on out, I’m getting my political news from you since it’s guaranteed to be easy on the eyes. Thanks for sharing the hottie!

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