There Is Nothing Wrong With…

I tend to be liberal in my thinking. No, really. I’m all for energy policy reform with renewable power sources because modern windmills are so cool to look at when driving by in your car. I guess the term nowadays is ‘progressive’ as liberal has been turned into a dirty word somehow, yet the conservatives that helped make the word synonymous with being unpatriotic have themselves no problems with naughty language. Take this excerpt from a piece of hate mail that Daily Kos got (you can read the entire thing here):

I’d like to personally kick the shit out of you. But since you’re probably in New York or Los Angeles, that’s not going to happen. I’ve been to Los Angeles. What a shithole. I’d like to get some good pizza in NY, but not at the risk of running across assholes like anyone on the New York Times, Madonna, David Letterman, or any other cocksucking liberal.

I have one huge problem with this well-thought-out debate on whether Obama as President would open the gates to terrorist attacks:

There is nothing wrong with cocksucking!

Cocksucking is a glorious and respected past time and should never be used in a way that would make someone think the cocksucker is some sort of horrible, hairy monster salivating at the very thought of mouthing cock. The funny thing is this guy — c’mon, it has to be a guy. No woman I know would miss the chance of running into Madonna in NY and thumping her on the head for making it that much harder to live up to sexual expectations — should be exalting the act of cocksucking because, well, he’s a guy. If it popped up in his political jargon then you know he’s thinking about it. He’s actively imagining scenarios where he drunkenly picks up some girl but is not able to erect the “Burj Dubai” or is soliciting someone in an airport bathroom stall hoping to sting the back of a throat.

In other words, leave cocksuckers alone because you know you want ’em. Besides, there is nothing wrong with them some mouthwash and an antibiotic can’t cure.

Listening to: “Sensation” – Bryan Ferry
Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls - Sensation

18 thoughts on “There Is Nothing Wrong With…

  1. Indeed, it is not the cocksucker that should be described as “some sort of horrible, hairy monster salivating at the very thought of mouthing” but my actual cock.

  2. Well said! I’ve never understood the insult in any context. Besides, aren’t right-wingers into kissing the arses of corporate financial donors in a really big way? Surely they work a little tongue action into that? x

  3. sterculius

    As a cock owner, I’m eternally grateful to everyone of either gender who has ever sucked my cock in the past. I hold cocksuckers in the highest esteem. In addition,I’m proud to claim the title of card carrying, liberal, NYC cocksucker myself (and I swallow).

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