OSR: Watchmen

One Sentence Review: Watchmen

Movie-Goer Review: Even with its slight changes and slow moments, it was still an enjoyable study of the dark side of humanity through the eyes of an alternate timeline.

Fanboy Review: They never showed Laurie Jupiter smoke once! I mean, she’s smokes like Chris Evans as The Human Torch. This missing detail completely changed the feel of the character from hard-edged super babe to “oh my god!” sorority girl. How could they miss this? Because they don’t want kids to take up smoking something that looks like a haute couture crack pipe? Hello, people! It’s rated ‘R’. Kids can’t even get in. Duh. Totally ruined it for me. Worst. Movie. Ever.

(Yeah, like a fanboy could do a one-sentence review)

Rating: Matinee
Rating System: Full-Price Ticket, Matinee, Wait For DVD, Late-Night Cable Fodder, I’ve Made Better Films With My Ass Camera

One thought on “OSR: Watchmen

  1. Thanks Howard! I didn’t make it this weekend, but I knew I could count on you for the skinny. I hate that scrubbing the dark stuff out. If she smokes, she should smoke. I saw Steely Dan last year, and in the song Kid Charlemagne, instead of the line “All those dago freaks who used to pay the face..” They used the non-ethnic ‘day-glow’. Just a slyible off, but it ruined it for me too. BTW, I’m half Italian, so I can say and like the word dago — just in case the PC police are reading.

    Godwhacker´s last blog post.. More Good News: Live Avian Flu Virus Found in Baxter Vaccines

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