My Obligatory Post

Everyone seems to do one at some point and here I am. I’ve got me no inspiration. Every time I sit down to write something, my brain is wiped clean like a cassette next to a magnet. See? Even my allegory is outdated. Fine. Insert 8-track for cassette and at least it’s kitchy.

My typical obsverational conversations have dried up. Either I’m numb to the silly things humans do anymore or just find them more annoying than funny. My political anger has subsided because we now have a President who is working. Right or wrong, at least he’s in there trying to do something other than find a way to get back to the golf course. Hell, even music has been a bit lackluster of late (although I still think you should give The Bird & The Bee’s new one a spin).

I could talk about how I hit a curb and not only flattened my tire again (same curb even) and that this time it bent the axel assembly, but it’s just pathetic. Yet here I go: there was no human drama. No lives in danger. No funny witness story. Only me damaging my car so I wouldn’t scare oncoming traffic and make them think I was pulling out into their far lane. See what nice gets you? $1,800 worth of car damage.

The next thought would be: “Hey, everyone stop being nice so I can write about something”, but there are still plenty of The Inconsiderate haunting the world that it would take every available 24 hours a day cable channel hundreds of years to air “Inconsiderate Hunters” to get us all in. Yes, all of US.

Hey, I got five paragraphs out of nothing. Huzzah! Anyway if you see anyone doing something silly send them my way — just not TO me. I just want to observe the drama. No need to be on stage with it.

Listening to: “Love To Love You Baby” – Donna Summer
Donna Summer - Endless Summer - Love to Love You Baby

4 thoughts on “My Obligatory Post

  1. Wow. Sounds like you and HDW have the same disease. What is weird is how you are both beating yourselves up about it. Do you know how much pot people have to smoke to get this apathetic? I say, sit back and just BE. Enjoy the peace while you can.

    ClizBiz´s last blog post.. Whiteout

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