The Venture Bros.: The Music of J.G. Thirlwell

J.G. Thirlwell
The Venture Bros.: The Music of J.G. Thirlwell
Williams Street Records

J.G. Thirlwell - The Music of JG Thirlwell, Vol. 1 (Original Soundtrack)

For those of you who haven’t seen the show or read me gush about it, it’s a cartoon series that spoofs Johnny Quest. It is one of the richest television experiences you can have. I recommend you start with Season One first though. Part of what makes the series so great is the music. Composed by J.G. Thirlwell, the music adds that extra bit of kitsch to an already trippy albeit accessible television show.

Collected here for the first time are cues and score from the show and what fun it is. Mixing 60’s-style James Bond themes, 70’s Blaxpoltation and modern electronic dance sounds, the album is full of John Barry meets Isaac Hayes meets LCD Soundsystem. Of course with a show that can take place anywhere the creators imaginations go, there is the occasional lazy Bayou strip song and Ennio Morricone tribute. However even if you haven’t seen a frame of the show, the score is a great addition to anyone’s library. Especially so for you soundtrack lovers out there.

It’s not available through regular physical retailers. You can order it from the Williams Street store, it comes with the Blu-Ray edition of Season Three or you can download it from iTunes or Amazon.

“No Vacancy (VB Theme)”

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