You're Fired (Circa 2002)

I used to have this great job. The company was called Crave Technology and I was the Office Manager. Through the temp agency, Manpower, I found myself hired before the person currently holding the job was let go. Awkward! Crave was a technology & security consulting firm. Yes, I was working for a bunch of geeks. It was heaven despite the fact that I had three bosses who would sometimes contradict each others’ request.

During my tenure with them, I learned many things: HTML, UNIX, patch cords, why Windows does really suck, etc. The consults that Dave, Craig & Bruce would hire had to have a certain personality type which translated into “get your work done, but have fun doing it”. It should have lasted a lot longer except a small group decided that wanted their voices heard by flying four planes into various areas of the East coast. Crave fell victim to the hard economic times that followed.

I’m pretty sure I was the last employee at the end. It was just Dave and I tying up loose ends and moving furniture out of our very cool office space. A few months out of 9-11 that had to be some levity floating around so Dave decided to fire me in a letter that I had completely forgotten about. The middle of the letter was just the standard termination, but the first and last paragraphs are the ones that led me to believe that it was fake. Oh, and the April 1 date. (Click the letter to make it bigger.)

Listening to: “Doctor! Doctor!” – Thompson Twins
Thompson Twins - Into the Gap - Doctor! Doctor!

3 thoughts on “You're Fired (Circa 2002)

  1. lorne

    Happy anniversary! I didn’t remember you getting fired on 04/01 — that’s kinda weird. Besides your unfortunate redundancy, I still lament the fact we never got to produce the fun robot letterset and office art.

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