Friday Candy: Not Fair

It would seem that Lily Allen is doing her damnedest to make as much money as possible emasculating men in song. And I’m okay with that. “Not Fair” is the second single from her new album It’s Not Me, It’s You and with its country-western flair seems an odd choice as the song sounds more like a novelty. What’s fun is hearing her go on about this guy she’s obviously co-dependent on and then she cuts his balls off in the chorus. The shock value of the song has been diminished by two decades of hookers and drugs in popular music; however, think of the controversy had this song actually aired on “The Porter Wagoner Show”.

“Not Fair”

Listening to: “Fuck You” – Lily Allen
Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You - Fuck You

2 thoughts on “Friday Candy: Not Fair

  1. I thought ‘Everyone’s At It’ was going to be the next single, so this one being announced took me by surprise. Mind you, I couldn’t see ‘Everyone’s…’ being released somewhere like the US as a single without causing even more uproar than ‘Not Fair’ is capable of.

    I think the album’s great and my fave track will never, sadly, be a single but I live in hope of some dance remixes – and that’s the ode to Dubya, ‘Fuck You’. x

    Andy´s last blog post.. Poem: Marvellous Telescopes

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