If on Saturday I keep asking you to speak up, it’s only because I’m deaf.

Tonight Cameron and I are seeing Ms. Lily Allen who I’ve been told is kinda boring in concert. Ironic considering her new single is about a guy being boring in bed. In fact, that are a couple of songs on her first album about the same thing. She has issues, but then that makes for great music so I shant complain.

Tomorrow night is the night I’m most looking forward to. The Australian band The Presets will be at the Bluebird. Not only is it just one block away, but it’s going to be all electronic and dancey. I haven’t been to a show featuring a syth band in a very long time. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is cute. I’ve seen a few videos of their live stuff and it looks to be mucho fun.

I’m off to purchase earplugs to dampen the entertainment a bit. I’m going to get the kind that hide in the ear so none of those whippersnappers call me ‘old man’.

Listening to: “The Fear” – Lily Allen
Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You - The Fear

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