The Paranoid Amuse

Think Progress published an article this morning about how Bush’s “good-feeling” rating dropped after he left office. As George W. was leaving office, the WSJ/NBC polls showed 31% had a positive view of the former President; however, a new poll conducted shows that his rose-colored glass-wearing support had dropped to 26%.

Logically, this means that 5% of Americans think we live in a Orwellian fascist state where they believe pollsters are actually government agents whose sole occupation is to weed out dissension.

I better say I’m a blind, non-questioning follower otherwise they will come out of the sky on ropes — crashing through the front window — and take me away to a detention facility where the only thing they show on TV is Sci-Fi original movies, “Teletubies” and reruns of seasons 8 and 9 of “X-Files”, they think before they answer.

“Yes, I love my country. I love our former President. He did a great job.”

Schew! Avoided Room 101 with that answer.

When suddenly a circular hole is cut out of their ceiling, government operatives slide down ropes and then put a bag over the poor citizen’s head and hand a receipt of capture to their spouse. They are then whisked away and tortured to death by Michael Palin.

The End.

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Björk - Volta - Earth Intruders

One thought on “The Paranoid Amuse

  1. Hey, there were some great episodes in those seasons of The X Files! Like the numerology story springs immediately to mind that guest-starred Burt Reynolds: great acting, wonderful script, good direction. And, for me a plus, no mention of the missing Mulder in there either.

    Only five per cent of Americans? Well, I guess it’s a big country but I thought the hardcore conspiracists would be higher a percentage than that. I’d guess the clinic-bombing Christians probably number, what, 25 per cent maybe? Or more?

    Ah, Michael Palin. Tortures the British people these days with mind-numbingly boring self-indulgent travelogues for the BBC (with accompanying book, DVD, t-shirt, mug, beer mat, commemorative spoons, Palin-branded cock rings…).

    Sorry. Got blinded by commercialism there. Good job I don’t drive, I’d have been off the road. Of course, if I was driving right now I wouldn’t be writing a comment on a blog. But I am sure someone will make the news at some point doing exactly that. Hell, we have drivers texting on motorways over here… Have you got that kind of moron in the US? Scary people.

    But seriously, Palin upsets me these days as he represents that great fear many of us have, of one day waking up and discovering whatever great individuality and hopefully talent we once had has been replaced by a desire to show the world our holiday snaps while sipping tea and talking about how the natives were really friendly….

    Andy´s last blog post.. Poem: A Particular Memory of Carol Ann Duffy

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