I Left My Shoes In San Francisco

Cameron and I took our first vacation together a couple of weekends ago. Neither of us had had a vacation in 3 years so we were due. Plus it was our 3-year anniversary anyway. We went to San Francisco with the main intent of taking in some films in the Another Hole In The Head Film Festival, but wanted to do some touristy things, too.

Friday: We learned all about BART, walked through Chinatown, ate at The Stinking Rose which was outstanding and saw our first film: Coming SoonOSR: With all the horror coming out of the East, this is one is a bit better than the rest.

Saturday: Met up with Denver friends who just happen to be there that same weekend, ate breakfast at Chocolate & Crepes, walked up Haight, we both bought new hats, Cam ordered a car bomb from a bar to use their bathroom, I got some Carpenters at Amoeba Records, had high tea at The Slanted Door, walked the Wharf, visited a museum of old arcade entertainment (stuff from the early 1900’s on), ate at In & Out, walked up Hyde (and when I say we walked up I mean that it steep) and I went back to the hotel while Cameron went to see Reel Zombies Cameron’s OSR: It was basically a good joke done badly and dragged like a rotting club foot.

Sunday: This was our day to ourselves. We started at Bombay Cafe for some nibbles and the best mocha I’ve had in years, grabbed the ‘F’ to Castro, Cam joined HRC, we got some magnets, Cam ordered a car bomb from a bar to use their bathroom, walked through what turned out to be only one-quarter of Golden Gate Park (that place is HUGE!), went back to the Wharf to have some lackluster clam chowder, took the Trolley back to our hotel, and then rushed to the theater in a taxi (we were that late) in order to see The Dead OutsideOSR: A dreary-looking psychological pandemic movie made on a shoe-string budget that shows you don’t need Hollywood bigwigs to make a great film. That night we ate at a Japanese place directly across from our hotel called Dojima Ann. One of those places that looks questionable, but turns out quite excellent. Recommended if you like small local fare.

Monday: Packed, had breakfast at Noah’s, walked through Chinatown to find tea (got jasmine pearls and sencha green tea), and then went shopping! We went to Sketchers where we both got new shoes! Oh. My. God. Shoes. The Sneaux shoes I had were near the end of their lives so I unceremoniously dumped them in the hotel room’s trash can and sashayed my Sketcher-shod feet back to BART and the airport.

Needless to say it felt like we had jammed five days of touring into three. It was fun nonetheless and would go back in a heartbeat. I’ve never been in a more international city before and the mixing of humanity was beautiful to behold. Well, when they were being civil anyway.

I took several pictures which you can see here.

Listening to: “Say You’ll Be Mine” – Christopher Cross
Christopher Cross - Christopher Cross - Say You'll Be Mine

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