Lily Allen – "Fuck You"

I was so happy this song made her album. It was previewed on her MySpace page months before the album’s release and had me in hysterics with its message to homophobes. In fact, several radio stations in Europe starting playing it even though it wasn’t an official single release and it even made #1 in The Netherlands. Now it’s an official single and has a fun little video with it; however, there is an even better French fan-made video made in collaboration the Big Fat Gay Collab. Go figure on the name, eh? Anyway, the fan video is hilarious and below Lily’s official video. Enjoy!

“Fuck You”

France’s BFGC video

Listening to: “Going Thru The Motions” – Hall & Oates
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Big Bam Boom - Going Thru the Motions

6 thoughts on “Lily Allen – "Fuck You"

  1. I heard it in a countryside grocery store while in France last month. It was the first time I had heard it and it really blew me away. They’re different overthere in Europe.

  2. Love Lily’s video and the song. Adore the spirit of her ‘fucking’ with people. I have to settle for ‘squishing’ their little faraway ant heads.

    Agree that I would kill to get this for a ringtone.

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