Hangin' With Comedy Nerds

Last night most of the Monkeys hung with most of the Rodents and a few Wigs to discuss what kind of performance material we’ll be giving at the Smile Train benefits shows next week. We had a blast and got to inject a bit of Monkey business into the other groups which is fun as we seem to do things much differently from other groups. But that’s fine. We own our niche ways.

What we were planning is an effort to raise money to help children around the world with clef lips and palates have a chance at a normal life. The Rodents are the masterminds behind this and had a very successful run of benefits last year. You can see a schedule here, here or here.

Or here with links to pre-order tickets:

July 15 & 17 @ Avenue Theater
417 East 17th Ave
(We’ll be helping July 15th!)
Get Tickets for July 15
Get Tickets for July 17

July 16 @ ‘E’ Project
9797 W Colfax Ave
Get Tickets

Monkey’s Uncle has its regular show on July 20th with special guest Heather of the Rodents who is the driving force for the Smile Train events.

Listening to: “Stomp!” – Brothers Johnson
The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23: The Very Best of the Brothers Johnson - Stomp!

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