Mercury Falls

Yo. You. Yeah, you. Go here and sign up for the mailing list, ya wiseguy.

Gone are the days when vague threats motativated people. Fine. Mercury Falls is a new book by Robert Kroese better known as Rob. Or Diesel. I guess now that he has authored a novel we’re only allowed to call him Robert. Whatever, Ms. Gibson.

He also authors Mattress Police which is a blog I read regularly. Well, I can’t say that of late because Dies… Robert hasn’t posted lately because he’s been trying to get Mercury Falls printed. What? You’d think he’d has a full time job and a wife and kids to also make part of his life or something. What a selfish prig.

Anyway, he’s decided to self-publish, but won’t until he has 500 people on the mailing list. Look, I want to read it so if you hate Rob, but like me just go over and sign up. [Rob! Look over there!] You can always unsubscribe after the book is published knowing you let me be a bit selfish. [Oh, Rob, sorry. I thought there was something cool over there.]

Remember, sign up early!

UPDATE: Well, he hit 500, but go ahead and sign up anyway to make him feel good.

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