Love For Our Robot Overlords Mix Updated Again

Recently Monkey Mateo put a song off the new Lemonheads covers album on the Monkey’s Uncle music mix. The song features Kate Moss (yes, that Kate Moss) on vocals and is called “Dirty Robot”. In the meantime, a customer at the video store tried to turn me on to a song called “Robophobia” by James Zabiela except I found a song with the same name by Electric President which I thought was much better. This in turn inspired me to dive into the mix again to add the songs and tweak some other things that bothered me.

It also needed more media transitions between songs so — with Cameron’s help — I’ve included sound bites from Terminator 2, Aliens and “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”. Pee-wee was a “duh” moment since Conky is pivotal to the playhouse. How would we ever get the secret word? Duh-hoy, right? I think this will be the final update as it’s getting the length of a CD. Yeah, I’m old school. Besides, if you have a copy of it when the robots take over they will take pity on you and make you their slave instead of vaporizing you with their heat ray. Super swear, it’s true.

Love For Our Robot Overlords Mix (v1.7)
1:16:40 / 72.0MB

See the playlist here.

2 thoughts on “Love For Our Robot Overlords Mix Updated Again

  1. Lorne

    Yay — music — thanks! And I’ll have to check out the new Lemonheads album. Wasn’t aware of it, and I do enjoy some of their stuff.

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