Pet Shop Boys – Yes

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys - Yes

Ten albums in 23 years. It would seem that the boys from London care more about quality than quantity which, of course, is why their entire catalogue ranges from electropop genius down to merely engaging indulgence. Looking through their discography is a realization that these two masters of ironic pop are incredibly consistent even when inspired by the stage more than the pop scene. Their last album, Fundamental, was an over-the-top musical and, while it was excellent, it turned some fans off in its nod to Sondheim and Webber.

With Yes it is quite obvious the Boys missed the bubble-gum pop of the past. This is unabashedly, commercially-minded music, but with the style and grace of two masters of the pop genre. In other words, it is the catchiest thing they have cobbled together since 1993’s Very.

In order to pull this off, they went to the current hit making machine in the United Kingdom called Xenomania who helped coalesce PSB’s sound with the current feel of today’s hits. The outcome is an album that is all Pet Shops Boys, but with an added bounciness of today’s British hits like in “Love, Etc.” and “The Way It Used To Be.” Included also are some of the best ballads they done in a decade with “King Of Rome” and “Vulnerable.” Fans of PSB rejoice. Here is the album you’ve been waiting for since the sweetness of Very. And if you didn’t even know they were still making music, this is the perfect chance to rekindle that old relationship.

(Look for the B-side of “We’re All Criminals Now” which didn’t make the album, but is still great nonetheless. It’s on the “Love, Etc.” single.)

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