Named for the android/creator of the android from the Alien movies because — well, because we like the name, Bishop came into our lives yesterday afternoon and then spent almost all of his time under Cameron’s recliner. The little bastard. We can’t sit and watch “Heroes” tonight!

There is a horrid but ultimately cool story about his first four months on Earth. His former owner was extremely abusive to your new little guy. I used the picture above to show you what the shitbag of douche did. The marks all around his nose was from one (or maybe several) of the beatings. This time the “I will end you!” video isn’t funny at all.

Cool part of the story! This prime example of humanity has a neighbor who was sickened by what was going on and kittynapped Bishop. Just abducted him. I smell a 9News Hero award! She was unable to keep the cat so gave it to an acquaintance of mine who is an animal rescue foster mom. Upon learning that we were thinking about getting a tabby to keep Gus company, she immediately told me about him. A week later, he moved in.

Gus is still a little bipolar about him. Hissing at Bishop, but running around swatting at him on the kitty condo when he’s feeling playful. They are both doing much better on their second day so there is progress in the air. I should be able to get pictures of the both of them soon since I found the camera finally.

Light the Night walk Thursday! Won’t you sponsor me?

11 thoughts on “Bishop

  1. Deb Krupa

    Each day I am sure there will be progress with their getting along. They might even turn out to be best buds, Have fun with the new apt member.

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