Wow, Great Story: A One-Act Drama

Press play.


Interior of car. Cameron and Howard are on the way to their respective jobs making small talk. Through the car’s stereo system the strains of The Cure’s “Lullaby” begins. They finish their conversation to listen in for a moment. At about 40 seconds into the song, Howard, who is sitting in the passenger seat, places an imaginary violin under his chin in preparation for his instrumental part of the classic 80’s song.

CAMERON: Is this The Cure?

Howard ignores Cameron’s question as he begins to throw himself completely into the throes of passionately playing the plucked violin hook in the song.

CAMERON: That’s not answering my question.

HOWARD: Do you mind? I’m playing my violin over here. (Puts air violin back under his chin and speaks softly) And, yes, it’s The Cure.

Howard plays the refrain again with the kind of gothic fervor that only Robert Smith would relish.

CAMERON: (not hearing the last part of Howard’s sentence) Well? Is it The Cure?

HOWARD: Still playing over here and didn’t you just hear me? Yes, it’s The Cure. (begins singing) “On candy-striped legs, the spider man comes…”

CAMERON: I hate you. Get out.

Howard opens the door of the moving vehicle slightly, and then closes it again.

CAMERON: You’re still here.

HOWARD: You weren’t going fast enough for me to do any damage to myself.


Cameron guns the cars around a corner in hopes that Howard will jump out and learn a lesson. Instead, Howard changes the subject.

HOWARD: Did you know this is about a reoccurring nightmare Robert Smith had as a kid?

Cameron pulls over to the curb, grabs a lighter and sets Howard on fire.


7 thoughts on “Wow, Great Story: A One-Act Drama

  1. Mom

    Please don’t set my son on fire. My back still hurts son I am becoming known as the six million dollar woman with all my new parts in my back. It is 7 and I’m getting ready to lay in bed and watch America’s Next Top Model

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