The blog is moving. Here.

As life changes, so do some priorities. I haven’t been blogging much as you can probably tell, but I want the blog to be there when the mood strikes. To accommodate this, The Web Pen is moving to a free site and — in about a month — I’ll be canceling my hosting. This means the following things:

  1. All email addresses will go away (I found a way to keep them for a while) so update your contact info. New email will be an old, old one: soanim8ed at gmail dot com. (For those of you who have the comicoftheday Gmail account, that will still work since it’s forwarded.)
  2. After the change, will still work, but it will take you to the free site at since I own the domain for another 3 years or so. However, will NOT work any longer.
  3. Many features on the old site will disappear but I was wanting to clean house anyway. The Favorite Music of XXXX will still be around but moved to the music blog that has been sitting in limbo until now – The Musical Measure. I will be moving those years written to pages within the music blog.
  4. As for subscriptions (if you are so inclined), anyone who signed up via Feedburner (this includes emails subscriptions) will have to do nothing as all new posts will take you to the free site. If you would like to update your subscription, please use To subscribe to the music blog:

So to recap, I’m making my Internet life a little simpler  and cheaper. Personal blog will soon be moving, but will be updating both sites until the original is shut down.

New music blog! Music reviews will be separated out from now on and posted The Musical Measure.

Now I need to remember to download the old site soon so I have backup copies of pictures and junk. Someone remind me, would you? Aren’t you a dear?

7 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I think the MobileMe web interface is better than we had with .Mac but I agree it still lacks something, and as with MobileMe as a whole, it can unreliable.

    Good luck with the move! So far, things look great and the site is loading fast. x

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