Favorite Movies of 2009

In keeping with the countdown theme of late, here are my favorite films of the year. Not surprisingly half of them are animated and a couple were pleasant  surprises (District 9) and some were of typical high quality (Up). Included with the list are the One-Sentence Reviews just for fun.

10. Watchmen (Even with its slight changes and slow moments, it was still an enjoyable study of the dark side of humanity through the eyes of an alternate timeline.)

9. 9 [I couldn’t resist.] (With its extraordinary and atmospheric animation, 9 delivers a somewhat poignant and uncharacteristic bittersweet ending for such a commercial release.)

8. Ponyo (Ponyo is simple and obviously made for young children, but it’s still beautiful to behold.)

7. Coraline (A truly gothic film that creeps out adults, too, in its weird and wonderful place settings and story line.)

6. Zombieland (While missing some of the more subtle humor that made Shaun Of The Dead outstanding, this was still a hilariously entertaining romp of a horror road movie.)

5. Inglourious Basterds (All that hype you heard about Christoph Waltz’s performance as a hilariously sadatic Nazi is best believed in this gloriously entertaining reimagining of WWII-era occupied France.)

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Turns out Wes Anderson is as sly as a — you know — by making a quirky, visually original animated film that is much more fun for adults than for kids.)

3. Star Trek (It’s like watching the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of the original series, but instead of the characters being evil, they are all hot and sexy and exciting and new, so come aboard; we’re expecting you.)

2. Up (One of, if not the most, human of the Pixar films that is as uplifting as its title suggests.)

1. District 9 (Currently my favorite film of the year, District 9 shows that a good story and complex characters can elevate a science-fiction action film to great heights.)

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