Review: Mercury Falls

Getting involved in the blogging world means running into many, many writers whose dream is to become a novelist. For most it should remain a dream, but then someone surprises you by writing a check their ass can cash. Enter the world’s newest literary whore, Rob Kroese, who wrote and recently self-published his first novel Mercury Falls.

Rob has a blog called Mattress Police and over the years it developed into one of the most consistently funny comedy blogs out there. The problem is that while the short posts were almost always humorous — if not down right hilarious — how was he at making a tight plot, developing characters and keeping the funny. Much to my pleasant surprise, he does it quite well.

The book itself is about Heaven, Hell and various other splinter factions’ attempt to bring about the Apocalypse. Or try to stop it. Or try to take over this plane of existence. There is a lot going on here, but thanks to the two main characters and Rob’s knack for finding a great grin-inducing analogy you never find yourself lost. Parts of Mercury Falls made me guffaw much to the chagrin of those around me. There were a few moments where I saw the joke coming, but it only proved that I really appreciate the oft-silly, Douglas Adams-esque, grandiose places Rob takes us with the book — be it Earth, Heaven, Hell or Purgatory’s airport.

My only complaint is the end seemed rushed and was missing the humor from the first 4/5’s of the book. Still it’s a small complaint knowing how much there is wrap up satisfactorily. Besides there is a great full-circle final chapter. I highly recommend picking up this novel before something big happens and Rob is swept away in Dan Brown publishing world douchiness. You can say you read him when.

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