Well, Poo

The Wednesday Monkey show audience will have one less person. My mom had to cancel her trip to visit due to a car accident. She’s fine but the car needs work before driving across two states.

I was looking forward to seeing her since we haven’t spent time together since the *cancer* and she was going to see a real show. The last time she was here the show was part-roast, part-improv. I’ve been doing this comedy thing for 8 years so it’s great when family finally gets to see something you’re proud of.

Thankfully we have another show in June so she’ll be able to visit and not have to worry about winter weather driving across Wyoming.

As it is Cameron and I are planning to have Monkey Matt2 and his beautiful wife, Leslie, over for dinner. Cameron has a menu but all I heard was “Blah blah blah deviled eggs.” O. M. G. His deviled eggs are worth coming back from the dead. Just like Zombie Jesus who was reanimated to feed on our sins. “Siiiiiinnnnsss. Siiiinnnnnsss.”

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