That Smell

Looks like Autumn has finally come to Denver. Yes, the leaves are changing and the city is blanketed with them, but it’s still be getting close to 80 some days — it’s November! Today is a different story. Sunny and 50 just turned into cloudy, 45 and rainy.

If there were a way to dish up the smells outside and serve them up, someone would make a killing in the restaurant industry. That smell has started to permeate the building as if the structure has been deprived of moisture for a year and is now soaking it all up. That theory may not be far from the truth as it’s been drier than normal here.

Working at the video store tonight is going to be lovely. The door will be propped open for a short time to replace the slightly musty smell with that of something more natural. Something that air freshener companies have failed to bottle up: a fresh smell that has more earthy scents than the manufactured ‘sun-ripened raspberry laundry in a rainstorm.’

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