Favorite Albums of 2010: 20-18

20. Cyndi Lauper – Memphis Blues

The last thing people would think when hearing Cyndi Lauper’s name is the blues. This is the girl who just wanted to have fun after all. Well, you can’t take the Cyndi without the sunshine so here’s a collection of happy blues. Lauper giggles, chirps and hiccups as you would expect but she still respects the genre. So, while it may not be a traditional blues album, Memphis Blues does a great job of showcasing big blues guests supporting her unique take on these songs.

Favorite songs: “Just Your Fool,” “Shattered Dreams,” “Down So Low”

19. Felix Da Housecat – He Was King

Felix may not be the most original DJ out there, but he is a lot of fun. On He Was King, Felix breaks no new ground even for himself, but the sexy is on full throttle. Women breath in and out of the songs like seductresses bent on the ultimate tease. This time around he goes straight out electronica mixed with his almost creepy love of Prince. Hell, the best song here is “We All Wanna Be Prince.” Felix may be projecting a bit, but most of the album is a fun party.

Favorite songs: “We All Wanna Be Prince,” “Plastik Fantastik,” “LA Ravers”

18. The Golden Filter – Voluspa

Sexy, sensual and seductive, the first full-length release from New York’s The Golden Filter is homage to the time of big hair, pastels and cassette decks. Voluspa is all early 80’s in its sounds but all pagan in its attitude, lyric and dress. Penelope Trappes’ breathy vocals are a lovely foil to Stephen Hinderman’s love of all things blippy in music. See them live if you have a chance for their oddly entertaining show.

Favorite songs: “Dance Around The Fire,” “Solid Gold,” “Thunderbird”

4 thoughts on “Favorite Albums of 2010: 20-18

  1. Scott

    You know my love of Prince, so I’ll definitely check out #19. I also love me some Cyndi Lauper (hell, she did do a shout-out for my blog back in the day), so I’ll have to check that out too.

    Who am I kidding? I’ll check them all out.

    I love your annual “Favorite Albums of” list.

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