Favorite Albums of 2010: 3-2

3. Robyn –  Body Talk

Giving the finger to the music industry was the best thing Robyn could have done. Since starting her own label, she has produced a surprising amount of quality pop music. Released as three EP’s over the year, Body Talk was a chance for Robyn to try her hand at making music while on tour. She has said the process was exhausting, but there is no denying the results: too many great songs to fit within the confines of a CD. Body Talk is best when Robyn is hurt so songs like “Hang With Me” and “Get Myself Together” have real emotional impact while mixing melody with elements of trance and house. However there are other songs like “Fembot” and “U Should Know Better” which are downright hilarious. Many would call this music frivolous, but anyone who can invoke feelings while making you shake your booty has created a work of art.

Favorite songs: “Fembot,” “Love Kills,” “Hang With Me,” “U Should Know Better,” “Get Myself Together”

(See her official videos here.)

2. DEVO – Something For Everybody

Something For Everybody kicks DEVO back into full-tilt irony early with a song entitled “Fresh” — at least, considering that the band is either over 60 or quickly approaching makes it so. Mark Mothersbaugh has a great career in television and film scores so it was a welcome surprise when it was announced the band was getting back together. Rallying against almost all aspects of the music industry early in their career, the boys from Akron decided to wholly embrace the marketing campaign for their first album in 20 years. No, it was done ironically as well. Their audacity has truly paid off. This is the best DEVO album since 1980’s Freedom Of Choice. The subjects of their songs haven’t changed much. The boys are still trying to throw a mirror up so civilization can see the insipid things they act on and create set to hyperactive beats and tunes. DEVO has tried to update their song a little, but the album sounds like a cross between their 70’s new wave punk and their 80’s synth pop. It works which makes this possibly last hurrah that much more enjoyable.

Favorite songs: “Fresh,” “What We Do,” “Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man),” “Mind Games,” “Step Up”

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