Favorite Albums of 2010: 1-Scissor Sisters

1. Scissor Sisters – Night Work

What’s inside the party album of the year is perfectly described by the Robert Mapplethorpe cover: sexy, dirty, playful. It’s an album showcasing a band rediscovering the fun of their hungry years. Night Work could easily be considered a concept album, but feels more like a raunchy history of pop music lesson. The band, with the help of producer Stuart Price (Madonna, Kylie Minogue), have encapsulated 1977 – 1982 in nearly perfect chronological order as homage to the occupation of hitting the clubs. In other words, the night work. The only ballads here are power ballads with the remaining music being nothing but an opportunity to cavort with strangers in a dark, strob-lit party house. Night Work is a cocaine-induced night at Studio 54 in its prime. It’s writhing pleasure mixed with sweat from physical exertion — dance related or not. If only all history lessons were this fun.

Favorite songs: “Whole New Way,” “Any Which Way,” “Running Out,” “Something Like This,” “Sex And Violence,” “Night Life,” “Invisible Light”

6 thoughts on “Favorite Albums of 2010: 1-Scissor Sisters

  1. I didn’t think this was a bad album, per se, and maybe if I were a club kid I’d have enjoyed it more… but for me disco is dead, and I just didn’t find enough here to make me want to re-live it. :-)

    I’ll get my list ip today or tomorrow.

  2. Okay I totally lied. Duran Duran has a new album dropping on the 21st. The free iTunes release of “All You Need is Now” leads me to believe it might just be a contender! Guess I’ll be posting my list on the 22nd! :-)

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