OSR: The King’s Speech

One Sentence Review: The King’s Speech

This incredibly engaging film shows that members of the royal family can show human emotions (especially Colin Firth’s hilarious expletives) and inspires the determination to persevere obstacles.

Rating: Full-Price Ticket

Rating System: Full-Price Ticket, Matinee, Wait For DVD, Late-Night Cable Fodder, I’ve Made Better Films With My Ass Camera

6 thoughts on “OSR: The King’s Speech

  1. Scott

    I loved this film too, however I’m kind of disappointed that it will probably be a shoo-in at the Oscars. I don’t know if The Social Network is necessarily Best Picture-worthy, but it seems more relevant. The King’s Speech almost feels like it was made with the Oscars in mind (British, actor taking on some sort of physical or mental ailment, overcoming extreme obstacles, period piece, etc).

  2. Just so long as you don’t think you’re watching an actual historical because, believe me, this film is BS from start to finish on that score. Best performance from Colin Firth ever was in ‘A Single Man’, though, and I’m sure his career low-point remains ‘Mamma Mia’…

    1. The same thing with Social Network. According to sources, that film is very trumped up and fictionalized. If I want history, I’ll read history books. This was pure entertainment, but made me want to do some reading about King George VI.

  3. I loved the Kings Speech and thought it was very well done. I won’t be disappointed if it wins. I liked The Social Network but I think because it is so much about what is going on now, it appeared to be a better movie than it actually was. Of course, I know that is not the popular POV :)

    1. Meh, opinions are just opinions. Everyone is entitled to disagree with the Academy if they so choose, but in the end it’s mostly about the politics at times. Still, it’s always fun to try and guess who they are going to pick.

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