Review: Tennis – Cape Dory

Cape Dory
Fat Possum Records


Tennis is a band from right here in Denver, but this incredible collection of memories was inspired by a 7-month sailing trip up and down the east coast. Using 50’s-style arrangements and guitars, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore have taken their experiences and made a beautiful, dreamy album that could have fit easily in the late-70’s new wave movement. Cape Dory is basically a softer early-career Blondie album floating dreamingly on surf guitars and girl-band harmonies. Songs like “Take Me Somewhere” and “Pigeon” could easily have homes in a David Lynch soundtrack ethereal as they are. As if you were listening to a 50’s transistor radio, this is Lo-Fi at its best with nothing flashy except lovely songs propelled by Alaina’s baby-doll vocals. Tennis, anyone?

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