Music Review: Destroyer – Kaputt

Merge Records


Call it a New Romantic (Roxy Music, ABC, Spandau Ballet) revival. Call it pop jazz. Whatever label you put on Destroyer’s ninth album, it’s good. Very good. This is a formula revisit out of founder Dan Bejar’s past. The songs are strong and the arrangements are precise yet sound as if there were improvised at the same time. What completes this song cycle is the muted trumpet and saxophone that float in and out of each song bringing on a sense of nostalgia while remaining fresh. The breathy, etherial nature of Dan’s vocals are complimented by Sibel Thraser’s strong, verbose voice adding to these songs what Helen Terry did for Culture Club’s biggest hits. With the occasional reference to drugs, suicide and sex weighing down any sense of fluff, Destroyer has made a sparkling mid-80’s revival album that makes the sub-genre of pop music nearly relevant again.

NOTE: The vinyl version has an extra 20:00 opus on Side 3.

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