30-Day Song Challenge Day 6: Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

1987. Great Lakes, Illinois.

It was my first time on my own except that I was in a barracks with 30 other guys trying to learn to be sailors. My life had always involved so much music, but that summer — for 8 weeks — I was almost completely isolated from my love due to Navy bootcamp. The only time I was able to hear any was the 10-15 minutes we had for chow. The mess hall had piped-in music, I believe, from a local radio station. This was before satellite radio, of course. One lunch or dinner period, I sat down with my other seamen wannabes when I heard one of the strongest female voices ever to pierce my ears (Carol Decker) telling me to give her a little bit of heart and soul and not to make her wait for more. Suddenly I looked forward to the frantic eating. It was like 1975 again when I was trying to find Captain & Tennille on an AM radio in a U-Haul. I had to hear that song again!

Of course, I finally found out who the band was from some kind person on the “outside” and determined it was going to be my first purchase as soon as freedom was acquired. Unfortunately, I was not to actually hear the cassette I bought until I made it to DINFOS (Defense Information School, now closed) and had a player again. It was worth it. Oh, yeah, the band’s debut is drenched in overwrought arrangements, but T’Pau helped me get through what turned out to be 8 weeks of being back in a high school atmosphere again.

“Heart And Soul”

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