30-Day Song Challenge Day 11: Song From Your Favorite Artist

Ever since ‘Til Tuesday’s third and final album, Everything’s Different Now, I have been in love with Aimee Mann’s music. Not many can write a f*ck-you love song well, but she has nailed it constantly. Granted, a lot of the songs were really aimed at the record industry and cleverly disguised as break up songs. I was extremely excited to hear she had released a solo album (Whatever) back in 1993 and have been a huge fan since.

I could really go on and on about her, so I’ll focus on the song I picked. This is as good as it gets in my opinion when it comes to Aimee. “Red Vines” came from the album she was writing when Paul Thomas Anderson wanted to bend his Magnolia around her music. It turned out to be a great pairing, but she still had Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo to get out.

Bachelor No. 2 and I’m With Stupid battle it out for my favorite of hers, but this specific song simply does it for me. The 90’s drum loop that she’s uses in “That’s Just What You Are” mixed with her disdainful lyrics, the incredible guitar work, the Beach Boy-harmonies and killer chorus are all pure Aimee. The imagery is so clear to me that I even mentally story boarded a video starring her husband, Michael Penn.

It also seems like this is the last big pop hit she wrote as subsequent albums are more experimental and folk. Still, love her to pieces and this song wraps up all I love about Ms. Mann in 3:44.

“Red Vines”

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