30-Day Song Challenge Day 13: Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

“Sukiyaki” went to #1 several years before the English-language version. In 1963, the original Japanese version by Kyu Sakamoto is still the only Japanese-language song to top the Billboard Hot 100. In 1981, A Taste of Honey had their second Top 3 song with an English-language version four years after their #1 disco smash “Boogie Oogie Oogie.” A Taste of Honey’s version drips like their namesake. A different feel from Sakamoto’s joyous 50’s-inspired (there’s even whistling) version. The 1981 version is schmaltzy pining away for love that can easily induce nausea in the unprepared; not me. I love it. Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more drag queens do this. I’m still threatening to sing this at karaoke. …in the same octave.

“Sukiyaki” (from Solid Gold!)

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