30-Day Song Challenge Day 15: Song That Describes You

Cynical and sweet with a sense of ironic humor?

Break out the Carpenters’ “All You Get From Love Is A Love Song” then. Cynical? Look at the title. Sweet? It’s Karen and Richard. Ironic humor? In spades. Frankly, this is a genius little song. Steve Eaton needs kudos for coming up with the concept and then writing it. Of course, Richard’s arrangement and Karen’s voice bring a little light to what could have been an extremely dark song. Actually, if you look at the Carpenters’ collection of songs, you’ll find many dark song with sweet arrangements. This is also the reason I love The Beautiful South as well.

It’s a dirty ole shame that this is played much anymore because it’s quite the funny little song. And very true. So much good music is caused by a breaking heart. Hell, take Sheryl Crow albums. All the good ones are when she was suffering from a relationship.

“All You Get From Love Is A Love Song”

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