30-Day Song Challenge Day 19: Song From Your Favorite Album

I was born almost a month before Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts‘ release into a family that prized music highly. My dad was a huge Beatles fan, so I was baptized in their brilliance from the moment I was brought home. Hell, my very first movie was Yellow Submarine. It’s no wonder that the band and animation are so important to me. I’m a tad bit impressionable. When I was 2-1/2, the album that contained their final recording moments together was released. Let It Be may be their last release, but it was in the can before recording of Abbey Road began. That album with its iconic cover is filled with musical nuggets set to inspire a budding fan of experimental pop music.

Abbey Road has so much good music: “Come Together,” “Something,” the violent “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” (I used to think the song was naughty because Maxwell killed people, but still loved it), and the Medley. In fact, I blame Abbey Road for my love of all those damn medleys that came out in the mid-80’s. Remeber the “Hooked On…” crap?

Anyway, there is one song that nearly any child can’t refuse. It’s one of two songs to appear on Beatles albums written by Richard Starkey, or as we know him, Ringo Starr. I’m convinced it has to be “Octopus’s Garden” that inspired Stephen Hillenburg to create SpongeBob SquarePants. (Oh, I went there.) In fact, it was probably this song that inspired my interest in marine biology as well. Face it, this is basically a kids’ song that Raffi only wishes he could write. Probably giving Starr too much credit there as George Harrison did assist in the composition, but this song was my first Beatles love. I remember asking to hearing over and over again which I sure drove my parents crazy. Hmm, I wonder if I can cram “SpongeBob” lyrics into the melody…

“Octopus’s Garden”

2 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge Day 19: Song From Your Favorite Album

  1. Leslie

    God as a kid I loved Maxwell’s Silver Hammer much more than Octopus’s Garden, which probably tells you a lot about me.

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