30-Day Song Challenge Day 21: Song You Listen To When Happy

I have a entire playlist of songs that make me happy, so just picked this at random. Well, more like iTunes picked it at random for me. After the breakup of Loggins & Messina, Kenny launched a solo career which didn’t take off until his second album Nightwatch. It’s interesting for two reasons: 1) it contains the first recording of what would become a hit for The Doobie Brothers — “What A Fool Believes,” a song Loggins co-wrote with Michael McDonald, 2) a song he co-wrote with Melissa Manchester which became the first in a long string of duet hits for Loggins. “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'” was Loggins first solo hit and hit #7 on the charts. This was 1978 and Rumours was still huge, so anything with Stevie Nicks voice had great odds at being a hit. Of course, it helps that this song is as catchy as hell. The morale of this story is anything that makes me want to Car-aoke makes me happy as TMZ catching a death scoop.

“Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'”

Bonus! Melissa Manchester doin’ it with The Muppets

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