30-Day Song Challenge Day 22: Song You Listen To When Sad

This came out when I was in the Navy and was a bit unemotionally unbalanced when it came to relationships. The community around me did not condone my feelings towards members of the same sex, so I was very conflicted. Tracy Chapman’s debut made such a huge splash in ’88 with “Fast Car,” but it was this song that I completely and utterly feel in love with. It was that yearning for something you couldn’t have. Tracy is an expert at that kind of songwriting. “Baby Can I Hold You” was the song that reenforced my desire to have relationship. Yes, this represented the ‘bad’ part of relationships, but I wanted to experience those lows with the highs. Frankly, I just wanted to experience anything with someone I truly cared about. There were times between midnight and 3:00 when I was on the air playing music for the night owls that I’d slip this in and just cry in the studio when no one else was around.

“Baby Can I Hold You”

2 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge Day 22: Song You Listen To When Sad

  1. Leslie

    This broke my heart a little, but I’m so happy that now if you cry in the bathroom, it’s because of a fight with the person you love ;)
    This song always reminds me of my time living in NYC. I was very broke, very lonely, but completely in love with the place. This woman would often get on the subway line that I rode for work, and sing this song. She had the most amazing voice and sung the song with so much emotion it would always nearly bring me to tears.

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