30-Day Song Challenge Day 24: Song At Your Wedding

This is easy. Cameron and I joke about this all the time ever since we found out it was the #1 song on the day he was born. Slavered in cheese, Andy Gibb’s “I Just Want To Your Everything” not only fits the theme of exchanging vows, but also fills the need to poke fun at it at the same time. And it’s all wrapped in one little piece of four-minute pop heaven. We even want to do an entire dance routine to freak/humor the guests. It would be awesome.

Also, I fudged a little and changed the order so this would post on our anniversary. 5 years, bitches!

I love you very much, Cameron, and strive almost everyday to be your everything. Yes, almost. Sometimes a girl just wants to sit around the house and do nothing.

“I Just Want To Be Your Everything”

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