Guaranteed Avoidance of “Glee”

“Have you seen Glee?”
“No, haven’t seen any episodes.”
“Oh, you will.”
“No, I really don’t have any interest.”
“I didn’t think I would either, but now I can’t stop. You’ll get into it.”

At this point I put on my best customer service smile and sardonically tell her, “I can guarantee you I won’t watch it.” So she leaves with this slightly annoyed look on her face.

It seems she didn’t know how she was coming across — that she was projecting her own experience on someone whose name or interests she doesn’t even know.

The fact is that I have watched roughly 3-1/2 minutes of the show. Cameron told me to find the “Vogue” video claiming it was well done. It was. Very fun. It was sung by an adult. It’s the Kids Bop aspect of the music which causes implosions of the brain much like Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

I don’t begrudge or judge anyone who loves it either. I love hearing stories of people finding entertainment that releases their endorphins. Just don’t get all Miss Cleo on my ass. Especially when I’m not paying you $3.99 a minute.

It’s great that she found out she enjoyed something she thought was not her fast foot joint of preference. Don’t tell people they will do something like you’re a Jedi master. I wish now I had instead said, “Your mind tricks won’t work on me, Jedi scum.”

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