Review: Air – Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Using tricks old and new, Air has delivered their most fun album in years in this expanded score for the 14-minute 1902 film A Trip to the Moon. It’s at once etherial and playful much like the film itself. In most versions (physical copy, iTunes) you get a copy of the film with Air’s score. Once seen, it is obvious how they were inspired by this classic and how their work pays off. If it wasn’t for the 100+ years difference in the creation of the two, you’d feel they were meant to be together. The score is filled with different moods as any good score should do and — in retrospect — this pairing truly is natural. The band does have a knack for writing beautiful melancholy melodies and arrangements, but this time the music that dominates are the powerful themes of “Parade” and “Sonic Armada.” The real reason this is such a winning collection is that no matter where you are in the track listing, you are embraced by the strong arc of traveling. This is a score of movement needed due to the short-run time of the film and to infuse the listener with a sense of gallivanting even if they aren’t on a voyage.

Complete Le Voyage Dans La Lune with Air’s score

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