Review: Jack White – Blunderbuss

Jack White
Third Man

I’m about to compare Jack White to Paul McCartney, but hear me out. Both are men of immense talent who started in popular bands and then continued to drown themselves in the group dynamic even though everyone knew who was the creative genius. Unlike McCartney, White decided to wait much longer to finally release an album featuring his name even if his name isn’t on the album cover. The first single, “Love Interruption,” seems to be an obvious break from The White Stripes: two voices, guitar, keyboard and no drums. It’s a great transition. Not only for his career, but the album as well. The first three songs are scorching in their blues fire, but then the music moves to his love of country and folk yet the songs still have a rock/blues feel. The only problem here is White seems to be on autopilot. He can knock out this kind of music in his sleep — which he probably does — so even though Blunderbuss is enjoyable while listening nothing really sticks and there are no big hooks. It sounds more like he’s stretched his musical ability and is now lounging on the couch in the back of the studio. But with the amount of work he has produced, he deserves some down time and relax how he would like.

“Love Interruption”

“Freedom At 21”

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