Favorite Albums of 2012: #8

8. Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour

Yes, the Sisters are still doing that thing they do, but are still a fun band if not as relevant. Fame is definitely fickle but even while their fans are dwindle down to its base, the band continues to work hard to entertain. Magic Hour is basically a continuation of Night Work where house beats, synths and sex are the norm, but with a playful mood. “Let’s Have a Kiki” may have started the gay community pulling out their plugs after months of nonstop plays, but it’s still great fun even as it rides that fine line into novelty song. “…Kiki” bumps right into the best song on the album. “Shady Love” is a marvelous piece of tongue-in-where-ever hip-hop, trance naughtiness. Azealia Banks, whose own fantastic EP dropped this year, helps with the kink. It’s the Sisters at the best: full of drunken and stoned club attitude. The album kicks off with “Baby Come Home” which is an instantly likable, old-school R&B ditty about pining for your lover who is out partying. Happens to us all, right? And this may be why the Sisters fame has dwindled. Their songs speak to the fantasy of life and not the reality. It’s fun to live fantasy for a while, but we all have to face real life again. Perhaps the next album will be have more of the progressive feel of their debut and less of the frivolity of the party scene.

Favorite songs: “Baby Come Home,” “Keep Your Shoes On,” “Shady Love”

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