Favorite Albums of 2012: #5

5. Gossip – A Joyful Noise

As A Joyful Noise kicks off, the slinky and sexual bass line of “Melody Emergency” will completely throw those who have become fans of their full-blown guitar pop attack. Here is a fun, teasing Gossip. This time around they’ve added elements from 90’s dance especially euro-pop yet their explosive sound remains. Give credit to Beth Ditto’s huge vocals. She bellows and swaggers through songs like the R&B “Perfect World” and the peppy synth sounds of “Move in the Right Direction.” The best songs here are also the sassiest. “Get a Job” tells a dead-beat party girl just that: “It was adorable when you were in your twenties/Not so cute anymore now that you’re pushing thirty/You better get a job.” Then there is the Lisa Steinsfield-esque “Get Lost” with its bouncy 90’s British pop piano chords and enough directness to shame anyone for treating her badly. This updated 90’s pop sound comes from Brian Higgins who is one half of Xenomania. They’ve been producing hit UK music all through the 2000’s including Pet Shop Boys’ outstanding Yes. This sound works for Gossip because of Beth’s huge personality. After a couple of listens, an understanding of the album title becomes apparent.

Favorite songs: “Perfect World,” “Get a Job,” “Move In the Right Direction,” “Get Lost”

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