Just For Fun: Oscar Predictions

ImageJust coz I like to do it every year, here is the list of who I think will win this year’s “prestigious” film award. Actually, I hope I’m wrong just for a more exciting ceremony. In that spirit, I’ve made some ‘less safe’ predictions.

Score: 20 of 24

  • Best Picture: Argo
  • Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro (risk pick)
  • Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway
  • Animated Film: Wreck-It Ralph
  • Cinematography: Life of Pi (hoping Skyfall wins)
  • Costume: Anna Karenina
  • Director: Ang Lee (risk pick)
  • Documentary: Searching for Sugar Man
  • Documentary Short: Inocente
  • Film Editing: Argo
  • Foreign Language Film: Amour
  • Makeup & Hairstyling: The Hobbit (risk pick)
  • Music Score: Life of Pi
  • Original Song: “Skyfall”
  • Production Design (Art Direction): Anna Karenina
  • Short Animated Film: Paperman
  • Short Live Film: Curfew
  • Sound Editing: Skyfall
  • Sound Mixing: Les Misérables
  • Visual Effects: Life of Pi
  • Adapted Screenplay: Argo
  • Original Screenplay: Django Unchained (risk pick)

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