My Obama Dream

San JoseI had this dream last night that I was on the audio/visual team at the White House (yes, A/V geek) responsible for the presentations given to the press and the public. I had put together this nice video – nothing special just safe and appealing – to my supervisors.

While working on the video, President Obama had check up on it a few times and talked with me. He offhandedly mentioned his son, but, not wanting to lose my job, I didn’t mention or question this son. I then completed the video and turned it in to his team of my supervisors and his advisors.

The day the presentation was to air, I was working with whether he wanted to use the “live” room or the “delay” room. He choose delay. This was going to be my first aired presentation so I was in the room as well. It was aired. It had been completely changed. Instead of the mildly propagandist piece, the country got to see the think-tanked video of images of the twilight activities of Americans while Obama was singing, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”

In the dream, I mentioned to someone that I found the change to be ostentatious. Then realized I wasn’t sure I was using that word correctly and kept repeating it to myself which woke me up. Stumbling to the computer, I look up the word, read the definition, and triumphantly shout in my head, “Ha! Take that, Inigo! That word DOES mean what I think it means!”

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